Saturday, 19 December 2015

The 12 Days of Blogmas: Day 7 - Christmas Traditions in my House

I thought that it might be fun to tell you guys what I and my family get up to over Christmas as I know this can differ vastly for different people.

In my house we have 4 Christmas trees. Yes, 4. They are all fake but it's still a crazy number in my opinion! We have the fancy-schmancy tree in the living room which is all gold and beautiful, then in the dining room we have a mis-matched tree of all the baubles we have that aren't gold and then both my sister and I have a tree in our bedrooms. These usually go up pretty early in December.

Christmas Eve is a quiet night in watching TV with my parents, sister and my Grandpa. Then on Christmas Day, my mum's family arrive for about 2 nights. It's a full house! We don't see the rest of my dad's family until New Year's.

On Christmas Day my sister and I get to open our presents from Santa first. Then when everyone else arrives for Christmas lunch at about 2pm we get to open presents from our friends and relatives.

After lunch it's usually a short walk around the block, sometimes further afield depending on the weather. And after that it's a cosy evening in playing card games.