Monday, 6 July 2015

My Hair History


You could say that over the past year, my hair has had one or two or maybe ten changes! I think it was living away from home and having the freedom to do whatever I wanted to my hair as well as knowing that I was 17 years old and had never ever dyed my hair before that led to what can only be described as a different colour every month.

December last year, I had brown hair (top-left) down to my waist and I decided that I wanted a change. The day before I was coming home to my parents' house for about a month over Christmas and the New Year I bleached and then dyed the ends bright purple! (top-middle) My mum was shocked to say the least. This then faded out to blue (for about one wash so I have no pictures) and then turned green (top-right). Yes, somehow in all my research I had failed to discover that purple-blue hair dye often fades to green. I still, somehow, managed to work it.

Late March, I dyed my hair bright pink (middle-left) which I loved so much more than the purple. It faded to a lilac-pink mixture (middle) which was exactly what I had wanted from the original purple! By my 18th in April (middle-right) I had redyed some parts purple and pink so there was a real mixture of tones through it which I loved.

I went to my Grandpa's for a week during which time my hair faded to almost white with some green still through it (bottom-left). Turns out the green was under the pink the whole time! I dyed it pink again after I'd gone back to university but I was by this time getting really bored of having such long thick hair that took ages to dry and wash. I became overly reliant on dry shampoo - it was also exam time so give me a break!

As soon as I was home to my parents' house for over the summer I got an appointment with my usual hairdressers. And boy, was I brave. As you can see from the final two pictures I went for a lob to get rid of all the damaged and coloured ends. It is now so much quicker and easier to dry and wash, although I do have to straighten it sometimes to stop the ends flicking in all different directions. I also got the ends and underneath done with balayage which, although pricey, was such a good decision. Also, now I only get ID'd like 70% of the time rather than 100% with the dip dye - so that's a bonus!

For those that are interested I used Jerome Russell B-blonde powder bleach and cream peroxide 30 Vol to bleach and then Crazy Colour semi-permanent colour in Violette and Pinkissimo.