Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Strange things will happen


As you are probably aware, today is the last day of June which means an end to the 30 day song challenge. I've been so proud of myself this past month for sticking to posting every single day. I know that not every post was very long or very detailed but that's just the way it is - some days I had less to say. What comes next you ask? Well, hold on to your hats because it's very very exciting.

I suppose I could say that I've used this month to have a proper think about where I want this blog to go. Up until now it's been almost completely music based (with a couple of other types of posts that have since been removed) but I knew from the start that I wanted to write about a whole range of topics, not just music. I've also really enjoyed posting every day. So here's the thing. "My Slice" is becoming what it was always intended to be: a lifestyle blog where I give "my slice" on a whole range of topics that interest me and that I think would be interesting to read.

Currently, the plan is to post 6 days a week in a really structured fashion. This not only gives me an idea of what to write but also lets you know what to expect in terms of post types. I know that not all of the categories will be of interest to everyone and so I hope that by posting in this way it will allow you to read some posts and not others if that's what you would like. Here's how the week is looking:

  • Monday's Makeover - Makeup | Skincare | Hair | Fashion
  • Tuesday's Tips - Students | University | Money saving | Studying | Life hacks
  • Wednesday's Wishlist - Weekly wishlist
  • Thursday's Thoughts - Lifestyle | Advice
  • Friday's Favourites - Weekly favourites
  • Saturday's Songs - Weekly playlist

Sundays will be spent planning the next week's posts: taking photos, researching and writing the posts. At this point I have absolutely no idea if this will work. It might be too much for me to cope with and I might have to cut it down. Alternatively, you guys might not like this setup and so it would be really useful if you could comment on this post or any future posts what you think of this plan and if it is working or not!

Thank you for reading! I hope you are as excited as I am!