Sunday, 14 June 2015

A song with a great music video

One Direction - "Night Changes"

"Night Changes" is the second single from One Direction's album, Four. It was released last year and peaked at number 7 in the UK singles chart. It is, I think, my favourite song by One Direction, not just on this album but in fact overall! 

The music video does play a huge part in my love for this song as I think it's really well done. The video shows each of the five boys going on a date and is filmed from the perspective of the person that they are on a date with. Each date is in a different location and coincidentally, my favourite date (the romantic dinner for two in a fancy restaurant) is with my favourite member (okay, ex-member now *crying*), Zayn Malik.

The dates start off going really really well, the boys are all smiles but as the dates progress, they go from the best date ever to the worst. Zayn's date is stolen by their ex-boyfriend, Harry injures his date while ice-skating, Liam throws up in his date's hat, Niall tips a jug over and stains his date's dress and Louis is arrested. It's definitely a very memorable video.